Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bed Bug Get Them Out and Keep Them OutBed Bug Control and Removal Services in Toronto, Windsor & Bradford

We specialize in 100% Guaranteed Bed Bug Extermination. MKPC has been exterminating bed bugs in Toronto, Windsor, Bradford & the whole Ontario.

Control Bed Bugs

Carbon dioxide snow (“dry ice” snow) is very cold, about -108°F (-78°C). But being cold does not necessarily mean being able to cool. Or, put another way: big temperature difference is not the same as high energy transfer. The snow that is produced by a fire extinguisher, has of course another goal than freezing tiny bugs. It is therefore of a very different quality. Compared to Cryonite snow, the particle size is big, and the particle speed is slow. Regarding killing bugs, it simply cannot get the work done. (We might as well admit here that Cryonite is a lousy fire extinguisher).

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